Extensive project experience, combined with our expertise in all contracting methods, means Sundt can make civil and transportation projects successful, no matter the constraints. Our experience includes construction of roads and highways, bridges and interchanges, airports, hangars, rail facilities, and water treatment plants. Sundt has also completed many underground construction projects such as water transmission and distribution lines, large fiber-optic communication installations, large and small sanitary sewer systems, and other underground utilities.


Runways & Aprons

Sundt has vast experience in constructing runways, taxiways, and aprons for all types of facilities and applications. Whether you are looking to construct or repair a commercial runway, apron, or taxiway with stringent FAA specifications, or you are looking for a contractor that has the skill and expertise to meet the demands of the Department of Defense, Sundt is your contractor of choice. Sundt has the equipment and experts that have consistently delivered high quality runways, aprons, and taxiways for over 70 years.


Roads & Highways

For more than 50 years, Sundt has been a leader in the construction of roads and highways throughout the Western United States. These projects are often difficult to design, coordinate and build, which is why clients turn to Sundt: our emphasis on quality, safety and innovation distinguishes us from our competitors and results in better projects for our clients and their users. Sundt excels at complex road and highway projects, which often include complicated phasing, detailed traffic control, complex utility relocations, extensive public involvement, and a large scope to manage.


Bridges & Interchanges

From complex multilevel traffic interchanges to single bridges spanning long distances, Sundt has the knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of your project. For over 120 years Sundt has been delivering innovative ideas and solutions to our clients. Working with our clients and engineering partners, Sundt has successfully developed and delivered numerous innovative solutions on bridge and traffic interchange projects.


Infrastructure & Site Development

Sundt is a recognized expert in the construction of municipal infrastructure, military infrastructure, and site development. We provide a range of options to our clients, from turnkey multi-million-dollar community projects to smaller scale site development. Our expertise is based on decades of experience and our ongoing commitment to investing in the latest technology, equipment, and talented employees. Sundt's ability to perform site development services with our own crews provides an advantage to our clients because it gives us additional control over quality and schedule.


Light Rail/People Movers

Whether you are looking to move large masses of people to work and other popular destinations, or you want to provide a transit option with multiple stops in an urban setting, Sundt has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Sundt’s diverse abilities and expertise in both horizontal and vertical construction provide you with a one- stop solution for your entire system. Sundt’s transit resume includes rail maintenance and storage facilities, light rail and streetcar track and infrastructure installation, transit centers, and park-n-ride facility construction.

Phx-Mesa Gateway


Aviation construction projects are uniquely challenging. They have immense security requirements, and most are open and functioning 24/7. Our experience in the aviation industry spans a range of project types, from large international airports to small municipal airfields, military aviation facilities, and more. Sundt's employees are trained in the varying levels of FAA and TSA security requirements – for landside areas outside of terminals, "sterile" zones within concourses, and out on the tarmac.



Sundt has constructed a variety of hangars for both private and public clients. In addition to protecting valuable aircraft, these structures frequently provide space for offices, pilot briefing, training, and maintenance facilities.