Sundt works closely with the owners and developers of its commercial construction projects to maximize every construction dollar and minimize operational expenses. We work collaboratively with designers to deliver the project on budget. Throughout the process we implement LEAN practices to eliminate waste from schedules and give our owners confidence that we will deliver the project on time.


Hospitality & Entertainment

Since the 1980s, beginning with the acclaimed Ventana Canyon Resort, Sundt has maintained a tradition of building unique, iconic, high-quality hospitality projects for a diverse set of clients in all our geographies. Our projects include urban select service hotels, secluded spa retreats, high-energy boutique properties and Native American gaming destinations.


Mixed Use Development

As more people choose to live in an urban setting, which gives them better access to transportation, work, and other amenities, mixed use developments are gaining in popularity. These projects combine residential units with other functions, especially retail, office and parking. Sundt has built several of these facilities, which require both construction expertise and the skills to communicate effectively with the various constituencies involved.


Office Buildings

As the way we work and do business evolves, so do the buildings we work in. The standards for office buildings are changing, which is why it's important to have an expert like Sundt on your project team. We understand the unique needs of various project types and have the collaborative experience necessary to help drive the innovation of these spaces to achieve higher levels of both building and occupant performance.


Parking Structures

Sundt has constructed thousands of parking spaces, including below grade, above grade and parking structures integrated with other mixed-use components. We have in-depth experience with both cast-in-place structures and those that use precast components. Sundt is a self-performing concrete contractor. We own a Cunningham Forming System and have used it numerous times to build structures that are both highly cost competitive and safer for the public because of the reduced number of shear walls improves visibility.


Data Centers/Mission Critical

The implementation of Mission Critical and Data Center infrastructure requires a highly specialized and skilled project team. This is why clients turn to Sundt, with our decades of collaborative and specialized project delivery experience in collaboration with our client, engineering, subcontractor, and vendor partners.



Retail construction projects have special requirements, which the contractor must thoroughly understand in order to be successful. The most critical one is schedule. Retail owners often have move-in dates timed to seasonal markets, and missing one can be a costly problem for everyone involved. Sundt’s retail expertise ranges from tenant build outs to complete retail centers.