When it comes to reliable school construction, Sundt has never missed an opening day of class. Whether a project entails K-12 school construction, or university and college construction, our teams work through every detail of the project from conception to completion and startup to ensure that every factor is considered, including the development of realistic budgets and schedules, sorting through the complexities of school construction financing, and developing a schedule that minimizes disruption to classes and overall operations.


University Facilities

Sundt has been working in the university construction market for decades, having completed approximately 200 projects for dozens of higher education clients. These projects include student housing facilities, learning resource centers, wet and dry laboratories, major research facilities, student unions, student recreation centers, student service centers, classrooms, lecture halls, convention facilities and performing arts theaters.


Community Colleges

Sundt has completed more than $250 million in community college projects during the past decade. Our experience in this market includes health and public safety buildings, student services facilities, arts and humanities buildings, business technology instructional centers, technology resource buildings, media centers, fitness facilities, student commons and more.


K-12 Schools

During the planning of a K-12 school project, cost estimating and scheduling are critical functions. If not done right, the final design may exceed available funds, or completion may miss critical deadlines.


Student Housing

Sundt is skilled and knowledgeable in student housing facilities and complexes, having completed more than 4,000 student housing rooms in the past 10 years. Clients look to us for our expertise in the field and our ability to ensure that their projects are done right - on time, and with minimal disruption to student life.