Facilities for government bodies – federal, state or municipal – run the gamut of construction types and face their own unique challenges and concerns. Sundt has an extensive history of working with government agencies, collaborating with the United States government since 1908 and local governments since the 1930s.



Sundt's extensive experience as a contractor on federal projects means we understand all the accompanying complexities and intricacies of this type of work. Urgent schedule requirements, the necessity of partnering to secure the goals of all team members and the importance of utilizing small business are all conditions we address on our projects.


State & Local

Sundt has been building municipal facilities that help define communities - buildings such as city halls, courthouses, fire stations, libraries, police crime labs, bus maintenance and operations centers, parking garages, emergency response centers, and more. Many of these buildings become local landmarks, thanks to their quality construction, creative approach, and emphasis on sustainability.



Within the past five years, Sundt has built eight different courthouses. We bring all of the best practices from each of these projects to the next one each time raising the bar. Building a courthouse begins with building a team, followed by developing a plan for success, and creating consensus among a diverse set of building users.


Prisons/Jails/Detention Facilities

Modern correctional facilities require extensive experience to design and construct. Sundt has been working on detention facilities for over three decades and understands their unique requirements and complexities. In addition, our staff collectively has designed and constructed over 100,000 detention beds in various custody levels. Sundt takes a holistic approach during the design and construction phases to assist in sightline studies, inmate management and transfer, and staff safety.